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Founder and CEO:
J.C. (Julian Cuchia) Giglio

Mr. Giglio was born August 14, 1921. As a first generation American, he learned a strong work ethic from his father, Charles S. Giglio, who was in the wholesale grocery business. In his early 30's Mr. Giglio worked in sales for The Stedman Company, who supplied groceries and beverages to area retailers. One March afternoon in 1955 over a couple of beers, Mr. Giglio learned that the Falstaff Distributor was dropping Miller High Life due to a strike. He wasted no time, and immediately wrote Miller Brewing Company asking for the right to become the distributor for their brands. Shortly thereafter on April 15th, 1955, Mr. Giglio received a letter granting him the rights to distribute Miller brands, and thus the birth of Giglio Distributing Company in Beaumont, Texas.

Mr. Giglio's fledgling business began with one truck and one employee. Mr. Giglio had no experience operating a Commercial truck, making it imperative that the employee was licensed to drive the vehicle. Borrowing $6000.00 to purchase a truck and a railcar full of beer, Mr. Giglio and his assistant began selling and delivering product. The market area consisted of Jefferson, Orange, Hardin, and Liberty Counties. A smaller market share in Liberty County drove Mr. Giglio to trade Liberty County for Chambers County. With the trade came the opportunity to distribute Carlings Black Label and Red Cap Ale across his entire footprint. I guess you could say he was a pioneer of "Market Consolidation." Service was Mr. Giglio's top priority and his brands were sold in 95% of the outlets in his market area. Although his product was readily available, his biggest dilemma was lack of sales! Mr. Giglio stated, "With my wife's prayers, and my [hard] work we made it. It's easy to give up, [but] I'm a firm believer, if you work hard and stick with it, you can make it." Mr. Giglio sold over 40 thousand cases upon completion of his first year!

The business continues to grow. Giglio has distribution centers in Beaumont, Longview and Palestine. Son, Charles Giglio, and grandsons, Julian Rayzor, Will Jenkins, and Michael Jenkins are integral to the success of this expanding business. Giglio Distributing's sales have soared from a meager 40 thousand cases to approximately 6.2 million cases per year!

President and COO:
Charles J. Giglio

Charles, son of J.C. Giglio began working with his Dad at the age of 16. As is customary for all entering the family business, Charles made his debut in the warehouse. He learned the business by experiencing every aspect from repacking, unloading railcars to loading trucks for delivery. In 1970 Giglio Distributing had 10 employees. Consequently, Charles, like his Dad, wore many hats. His jobs included warehouse manager, sales and purchasing agent.

1974 was a banner year for Giglio Distributing. Miller High Life sales increased and Miller Lite was introduced to the market. Giglio Distributing was able to get rapid distribution on this new product due to great relationships in the market and outstanding service. Miller Lite became the number one beer in their market area. Enjoying their much earned success, in 1979 they built the office and warehouse that is currently the home of Giglio Distributing.

In 1985 Charles had the vision to diversify by adding a wine division that handled the brands of E & J Gallo Winery. Due to this large increase in products, in 1987 Giglio doubled the size of their warehouse. Between 1987 and 1989, Charles thought it was increasingly important to expand his portfolio and began adding some imported brands, such as Guinness and Heineken. In 1990 Spirits were added to the Wine Division and Giglio began handling the brands of Sazerac Distillery.

In the spirit of continued growth and diversification, Giglio began acquiring other distributorships in 1995. Ironically, their first acquisition was Liberty County, the original county Mr. Giglio traded almost 50 years earlier. Many distributorships have been amassed over the years including Longview '99, Mexia '06, Beaumont Coors '07 and Palestine '08. Giglio Distributing now has over 200 employees, a fleet of 40 tractor trailers, 30 light duty trucks and services over 150 brands in 44 counties.